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Taking life one day at a time
Living in pure confusion seeking true reality
Man, I never thought I would be back on LJ. Things have changed a lot in the world. Since 2009... I got nasal polyp surgery and lost 100 lbs then gained 20 back. I even went back to college. It's been really interesting. Anybody even reading this?
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I never realized just how desperate I really am...
I finally graduated from college in December... Now off to find a job that is almost non existent. Anyone need a PA for film production?
Happy 10th Anniversary LiveJournal! I have had this journal 7 years.

Current Mood: accomplished

Try this!
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I watched this in a class Tuesday...

(contains partial nudity)
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I just found out that I have Eosinophilic esophagitis...
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Better now
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i am feeling a little depressed now
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